• Improved Patient Outcomes

    Engaging Patients & Providers in Meaningful Two-way Dialog that Changes Patient Behavior
  • Increased Patient/Provider Communication

  • Longitudinal Tracking

    Dynamic Tailoring & Targeting of Two-way Intervention Content Drives Proven Behavior Change
  • Long Term, Sustainable Behavior Change

  • Long Term, Sustainable Behavior Change

  • Low & High Touch patient Engagement Integration

  • Medication Management

  • Patient Education & Knowledge

Consulting & Strategic Planning

Compress Your Project Delivery Cycle by 70 percent With Our Consulting Diagnostics & Strategic Roadmap Development Process

Multi-channel Patient Engagement Platform

Deploy the Optimal Patient Engagement Channels to Support Sustainable Patient Behavior Change.

Evidence-based Behavioral Content

Leverage 17 Years of Behavioral Research and Publications Demonstrating Improved Patient Engagement, Adherence and Outcomes.

Data Analytics

Find Hidden Patterns & Trends While Better Managing Patient Populations Using Over 100 Proven Predictive Indicators.

Why Should You Work With IPO?

Changing Patient Behavior is Difficult. Our Strategic, ROI-based, Approach is Proven & Measurable.

IPO Platform Overview


  • Who Is IPO?

    IPO is a private sector partnership with Duke University.
  • How is you Content/Solution Different from Others in the Market?

    IPO deploys over 90 disease states of evidence-based behavioral content across 9 patient engagement channels to delivery custom, tailored and targeted medication adherence and behavior change. This is done via one and two-way patient interventions delivered via the patient's preferred channel or channels.
  • How Can I Learn More?

    Send us an Email, Enter Your Info in the "Contact Us" Section, or Sign Up for Our Blog.
  • How Long and How Much?

    This is one of the most common questions we receive. Typically, a consulting diagnostic or strategic planning activity is an excellent starting point and can take as little as a week or up to 8 weeks, depending on your scope and objectives.
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Research Links

Dr. Hayden Bosworth, Duke University

Personal Profile: http://medicine.duke.edu/faculty/details/0212403

Manuscripts: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=bosworth+h



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